Pop began his family history research many years ago, before the days of home computers and internet.  Copies of documents from the Archives Office arrived as glossy (and no doubt expensive) photographs.  Nevertheless, he discovered a great deal about his ancestry before he died. In those days I wasn’t much interested in family history and no doubt missed many gems that would help to flesh out the stories of those in our family tree.

Apparently the name Lamprey is of Anglo-Saxon origin and originates in a medieval village called Lamprey (in Devonshire) which has long since disappeared.

The Lampreys arrived as free settlers and pioneered in the Sassafras district.  John Lamprey and his wife Martha arrived from Somerset in 1842.  Their son William was born at Harford in 1855 and married Maria Lunson, son of former convict Jonathan Lunson and grandson of former convicts who had spent time on Norfolk Island during its first European settlement, James Davey and James Jordan.

My Great Grandfather, Ernest Lamprey, married Letitia Steer in 1914.  She was the grand-daughter of a former convict, William Steers, who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1828.  Letitia’s mother, Zelpha, was the daughter of convict Samuel Chappel.  Samuel’s father, George Chappel was also a convict.

See my Lamprey family tree in more detail at – starting with my Grandfather, Ken Lamprey



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